Journal Article Variable-grasping-mode underactuated soft gripper with environmental contact-based operation

Nishimura, Toshihiro  ,  Mizushima, Kaori  ,  Suzuki, Yosuke  ,  Tsuji, Tokuo  ,  Watanabe, Tetsuyou

2 ( 2 )  , pp.1164 - 1171 , 2017-01-31 , IEEE
A novel robotic gripper with soft surfaces and underactuated joints was proposed. The soft surface was fabricated from a deformable rubber bag filled with incompressible fluid and a microgripper inside the fluid. A ratchet was installed at the underactuated joint so that the joint's rotation caused by contact with an environment, such as a supporting surface, can be preserved, and the actions of scooping and enveloping an object are realized. With one actuator, the gripper realized three modes, i.e., parallel gripper, pinching, and enveloping. The range of graspable objects was wide and included soft, rigid, deformable, fragile, small (boundary length less than 30 mm), large (more than 80 mm long), thin (less than 0.5 mm), and heavy (more than 3 kg) objects.
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