Journal Article Analysis of the population displacement phenomenon under tourism economy development in Chinese historical areas:Based on Social Exchange Theory

Ruoxi, Zhang  ,  Yunyi, Zhang  ,  Xuting, Liu  ,  Qiuyi, Yin  ,  Lvxia, Yang

In recent years, tourism’s commercial exploitation of China’s historical areas has been in full swing. However, the status quo of those historical sites is increasingly worrying due to their over-commercialization, the dissimilation of original lifestyles and, especially, the phenomenon of population displacement, with historical residents moving out and the non-native population flooding in, which directly gives rise to the loss of traditional culture. As per our investigation of Kulangsu, concerning its current population and culture situations, this paper aims to dig out the root cause of the population displacement, grasp the law and features of this phenomenon, analyze the significance and impacts it brings about and put forward optimization proposals for the sustainable development of Kulangsu Island.

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