Journal Article Construction of Urban Design Support System using Cloud Computing Type Virtual Reality and Case Study

Zhenhan, Lei  ,  Shunta, Shimizu  ,  Natuska, Ota  ,  Yuji, Ito  ,  Yuesong, Zhang

This paper contributes a design support system based on cloud-computing type virtual reality (cloud-based VR) for urban planning and urban design. A platform for Cloud-based VR technology, i.e. a VR-Cloud server, is used to open a VR dataset to public collaboration over the Internet. The digital attributes representing the design scheme of design concepts includes the land use zone, building regulations, urban design style, and other design details of architectural design, landscape, and traffic/architectural environment/sunshine/wheather/noise/inundation/tsunami/earthquake/evacuati on simulation. Then practice using this cloud-based VR urban design support system is categorized into three applicable case ‘types’, synchronized, distributed synchronized and distributed non-synchronized. The effect of the use of this system in urban design and in urban planning processes is evaluated.

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