Journal Article Editorial Introduction: Special Issue on “BIM and VR Technology”

Yuanyi, Zhang  ,  JenTe, Pai

During the process of urban planning and design, it is important that all stakeholders understand, participate, communicate and collaborate with each other to obtain a high quality outcome. However, communication difficulties mainly occur as a result of different planning cultures, and because there is insufficient collaboration and information sharing during the process. The most common problem is that the information is not presented in such a way that people can understand it. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming a better known established collaboration process that stakeholders can better understand, communicate and make decisions with in urban planning and design (Hergunsel, 2011). In addition, the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology as a tool for collaboration to exchange information and data has increased significantly (Menck, Weidig, & Aurich, 2013). Thus, this special issue focuses on BIM and VR technologies which play more and more important roles in urban planning and design.

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