Departmental Bulletin Paper 現在渭南市農村部における廟会の実態
Realities of Temple Fair in Wei Nan City

馬, 涛涛

(32)  , pp.105 - 118 , 2016-09-12 , 金沢大学大学院人間社会環境研究科 = Graduate School of Human and Socio-Enviromental Studies Kanazawa University
Although there are many studies about Temple Fair in China, but a lot of analysis are about the Temple Fair in Dongbei area, Huabei area and southern area of China.The study about Temple Fair in rural areas of Shaanxi Province is not as much as it about other places.Therefore, in this paper, I want to clarify the actual situation of rural Temple Fair which is a part of people's private art and culture in Shaanxi Province. In addition, in rural areas of Shaanxi Province,Wheat Cake is the thing which is the most relevant to the rite of passage of people at events and serious year. This paper after analyzing the actual situation of the Temple Fair of WeiNan rural areas, pointed out whether the changes caused by each of its elements have affected to the Temple Fair.Especially this paper pointed out the results of the discussion about the role of the Wheat Cake and the position of Wheat Cake in Temple Fair.

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