Departmental Bulletin Paper MCTミルクが有効であった蛋白漏出性胃腸症の乳児例
Protein-Losing Gastro Enteropathy Successfully Treated by MCT Milk: a Case Report of an Infant

袖野, 美穂  ,  大熊, 喜彰  ,  新井, 勝大  ,  柳, 忠宏  ,  瓜生, 英子  ,  奥野, 安由  ,  佐藤, 典子  ,  松下, 竹次  ,  七野, 浩之

125 ( 2 )  , pp.50 - 54 , 2016-06-01 , 金沢大学十全医学会 = The Juzen Medical Society Kanazawa University
We report a case in a previously healthy 5 months boy of protein-losing gastro enteropathy, presenting with poor feeding and hypoalbuminemia. At the hospitalization, although his albumin was 2.0g/dl, he had no proteinuria or cardiac dysfunction. Three days after his hospitalization, he got edema and his albumin dropped 1.3g/dl. Scintigraphy using 99mTc-labeled human serum albumin showed the leakage of albumin from the digestive tract and he was diagnosed as Protein-losing gastro enteropathy. Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia was diagnosed, since inflammatory bowel diseases and secondary obstruction of lymph ducts were negative from the results of blood tests, endoscopy and pathology. The present case was successfully treated by MCT milk. Endoscopy is useful not only for differential diagnosis of protein-losing gastro enteropathy but also for the improvement of the compliance of the patient for appropriate diet therapy owing to the final diagnosis. In case of children, an early diagnosis and an appropriate treatment is important in order not to cause the delay of growth.

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