Journal Article Silicone retractor with embedded force-sensing function for attachment to surgical suction pipes

Koyama, Toshio  ,  Iwai, Takanobu  ,  Yoneyama, Takeshi  ,  Kagawa, Hiroyuki  ,  Hayashi, Yutaka  ,  Nakada, Mitsutoshi  ,  Watanabe, Tetsuyou

A silicone retractor that can be attached to suction pipes was developed in order to enhance the usability [1]. The measurement of the retracting force is desired in order to avoid damage to brain tissue due to an unexpected large force. This paper presents a force-sensing embedded silicone retractor that can be attached to suction pipes. The developed silicone retractor can provide three functions at the same time: suction, retracting, and retracting force measurement. The force-sensing system is based on a visualization mechanism that displays the force as a colored pole motion. The surgeon can then roughly estimate the retracting force. With a fiberscope, the retracting force can be measured with a resolution of 0.05-0.3 N. The retractor is made of silicone and has the advantages of disposability, low cost, and easy sterilization/disinfection. The system was validated through finite element method analysis and experiments. © 2015 IEEE.
IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, AIM 2015; BEXCOBusan; South Korea; 7 July 2015 through 11 July 2015; Category numberCFP15775-ART; Code 117136

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