Journal Article Growth kinetics of ellipsoidal ω-precipitates in a Ti–20 wt%Mo alloy under compressive stress

Oyama, Toru  ,  Watanabe, Chihiro  ,  Monzen, Ryoichi

51 ( 19 )  , pp.8880 - 8887 , 2016-10-01 , Springer
The influence of applied compressive stress on the growth kinetics of ellipsoidal ω-phase precipitates was investigated for a Ti–20 wt%Mo alloy aged at 300 °C. The application of compressive stress accelerated the growth of ω-precipitates when the misfit strain εM of the precipitates along the loading direction is smaller than 0, whereas it did not essentially induce the same effect in cases where εM > 0. The growth of the precipitates was interface-controlled in the case where εM < 0 under a compressive stress of 450–550 MPa. The interface-controlled growth rate increased linearly with increasing compressive stress. The interface-controlled growth rate under a compressive stress was slower than that under the same tensile stress in the case of εM > 0. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York
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