Journal Article Two-dimensional crystal structure formed by two components of DNA nanoparticles on a substrate

Katsuno, Hiroyasu  ,  Maegawa, Yuya  ,  Sato, Masahide

85 ( 7 )  , p.074605 , 2016-07-15 , 日本物理学会 = Physical Society of Japan
We study the two-dimensional crystal structure of two components of DNA nanoparticles on a substrate by Brownian dynamics simulation. We use the Lennard-Jones potential as the interaction potential between particles and assume that the interaction length between different types of particles, σAB , is smaller than that between the same types of particles, σ. Two types of particles form an alloy structure. With decreasing σAB =σ, the crystal structure changes from a triangular lattice, to a square lattice, a honeycomb lattice, a rectangular lattice, and a triangular lattice. © 2016 The Physical Society of Japan.

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