Journal Article 2010年の介護保険関連施設利用者率からみた2025年改革モデルの検証とその定量的整備指標の応用可能性
Validation of the 2025 Social Security Reform Model Based on User Retios for Long-Term Care Insurance Facilities in 2010 and the Possibility of Applying the Model's Quantitative Indices for Establishment of Facilities

西野, 辰哉

The purposes of this study are, first, to come up with indices for the number of users of the different long-term care insurance facilities run by different providers throughout Japan in 2010 through an understanding of the quantitative aspects of demands for facilities for elderly persons requiring support and long-term care throughout the country. Second, the study aims to come up with indices for the target levels for establishment of such facilities presented in the government's 2025 Social Security Reform Model and compare them with the indices for the number of users. Further, the study aims to determine the possibility of applying the 2025 targets for establishment of facilities based on an understanding of the actual situation of the number of users and facilities for particular insurance providers.
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