Journal Article Initial Condition Dependene of Dynamis and Evaporation of Polymer Spallation Partiles Flying in Polymer Ablated Arcs

Nakagawa, Takuya  ,  Nakano, Tomoyuki  ,  Tanaka, Yasunori  ,  Uesugi, Yoshihiko  ,  Ishijima, Tatsuo

This paper describes the influence of initial conditions for spallation particles flying in polymer ablation arcs on dynamics and evaporation of the polymer spallation particles using the numerical model. Through our previous experiments, we had found micro-sized `spallation particles' ejected from polyamide materials by thermal plasma contact. To obtain the dynamics of spallation particles in polymer ablation arcs, we have developed a numerical model on dynamics of spallation particles flying in the polymer ablated arcs. The influence of pressure inside the polymer ablated arc, the initial particle diameter and the initial velocity of spallation particles were studied as parameters in the present paper. Under the given temperature and gas flow distributions in specified initial conditions, the trajectories of spallation particles flying in the polymer ablated arc were simulated numerically, considering the time variations in the temperature and the diameter of the particles. The results show that the highest flight altitude of the PA6 spallation particle flying in the PA6 ablated arc is affected by the initial particle diameter and velocity remarkably.

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