Journal Article Non-equilibrium effects on SF6 arc plasmas in decaying phases

Tanaka, Yasunori  ,  Suzuki, Katsumi

In this paper, the two-temperature chemically non-equilibrium model developed was used to study the effect of transient recovery voltage (TRV) application to residual SF6 arcs. The residual SF6 arcs were created under free recovery condition. The TRV with a rate of rise of recovery voltage of 0.1 kV/μs and 0.2 kV/μs were numerically applied to the residual arcs. As a result, the application of 0.2 kV/μs TRV causes the arc re-ignition with increasing electron temperature and the electron density near the upstream electrode. It was also found that the temperature evolution by one-temperature model is simulated almost only to the evolution in the heavy particle temperature. © 2015 IEEE.

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