Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本で英語で授業を教えることに関する一考察: 米国式教授法の課題と課題への対処法
Teaching a Class in English in Japan: Lessons from Putting an American Style of Teaching into Practice

伊藤, 大将

19pp.107 - 121 , 2016-03-01 , 金沢大学留学生センター = International Srudent Center Kanazawa University
As part of internationalization, Japanese universities encourage the faculty members to teach classes in English. To assist Japanese professors who are not confident in teaching English, the universities held faculty development activities. Although some authors reported these faculty development activities, their main focus was on English skills, and few addressed how to teach a class effectively with active learning in mind. This paper describes the challenges the author faced while teaching two sociology courses, "Gender and Society" and "Japanese Language and Society," to international and Japanese students in English in Japan. These challenges mostly came from having students of different English abilities in the same classroom and differences in cultural backgrounds. Specifically, the amount of reading assignments, lectures and discussions, and evaluations are the three areas of challenges focused in this paper. The author presents potential suggestions about how to deal with these challenges. As English only class alienates Japanese students, the ways to encourage them to take such a class are also discussed.

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