Departmental Bulletin Paper 会話場面の丁寧度の測定の試み: 談話要素に焦点をあてて
An attempt to develop a new method for measuring the degree of politeness: Focusing on the number of pre-sequences

峯, 正志  ,  粱, 雨馨

19pp.79 - 88 , 2016-03-01 , 金沢大学留学生センター = International Srudent Center Kanazawa University
The authors developed a new method to measure the degree of politeness when a person makes a request. The developed method counts the number of presequences, which are used as pre-requests. Examples of pre-request include address, explanation, and apology. This method is based on the hypothesis that the more polite situation necessitates more pre­sequences than the less polite situation. In this paper, the authors checked the validity of this method using the data by Liang (2014). This method is important when the cases that the degree of politeness based on the amount of pre-sequences may not match the degree of politeness based on the selection of expressions.

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