Departmental Bulletin Paper 初級日本語教科書と予備教育用物理教科書の使役表現の比較
A comparative study between Beginner's Japanesetextbook and Physics textbook used in preparatory education on causative expression

マイサラ, ビンティ カマール  ,  松田, 真希子

19pp.69 - 78 , 2016-03-01 , 金沢大学留学生センター = International Srudent Center Kanazawa University
A smooth shifts from beginner's Japanese class to technical Japanese education is a challenge for overseas preparatory education organization. This paper compares and focuses on the usage of causative expressions which appears in the beginner's level Japanese textbook, "Minna no nihongo" and physics textbook used in preparatory education. The results, [1] The causative expression is introduced in simple sentence in Beginner's Japanese textbook, but 92% of the causative expression in the Physics textbook appears in complex sentences, [2] They appear not only in simple finished sentence but in attributive modifier form, predicative form, -C form and others, [3] In beginner's Japanese textbook, causative expressions are mainly 'person vs. person' but all the causative sentences in the Physics textbook were identified as 'person vs. thing' , [4] Different chapters in the Physics textbook such as "Thermodynamics", "Electric Current and Magnetic Field" shows different frequency in the usage of causative expression. A smoother shift in preparatory education is possible by considering these results into beginner's Japanese class and technical Japanese education.

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