Departmental Bulletin Paper 外国人留学生と日本人学生へのアカデミック・スキル指導についての考察: 演習型授業におけるレジュメの分析から
Academic Skills for International and Japanese Students: From an analysis of seminar resumes

深川, 美帆  ,  深澤, のぞみ  ,  札野, 寛子  ,  濱田, 美和

19pp.57 - 68 , 2016-03-01 , 金沢大学留学生センター = International Srudent Center Kanazawa University
This paper reports on the academic skills of both Japanese and international students who study at universities in Japan. It aims to clarify the difficulties of academic skills through an analysis of resumes and to consider methods of education and support for the acquisition of these skills. First, resumes prepared for seminar presentations by undergraduate students with majors in the School of Humanities were analyzed. The results revealed that 1) setting research theme, 2) the logical composition of research, 3) citation methods, and 4) Japanese language usage in academic settings are common problems and difficulties for both Japanese and international students. However, the nature of the problems was different for 3) and 4). The results also suggest the possibility of providing effective instruction in academic skills by using resumes.

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