Departmental Bulletin Paper Challenges and Proposals to Enhance Japanese University Students’ English Proficiency and Learning Motivation

Duggan, Sagano  ,  Yoneda, Sakiko

20pp.1 - 27 , 2016-03-30 , 金沢大学外国語教育研究センター = Foreign Language Institute Kanazawa University
As globalisation becomes an increasingly important issue, developing second language acquisition (SLA) in English is also becoming a major challenge. Since the commencement of high-speed rail services, foreign tourist numbers are expected to increase in Kanazawa City, where this research participants’ school is located, and the increased opportunity for linguistic, commercial, and cultural exchange will likely require greater English ability. Based on these factors, this study investigated how this change in Kanazawa City has effects on university students’ English learning, their learning motivation, and ‘international posture.’ This study used questionnaires and Cambridge English Examinations on three occasions from 2014-2015. Questionnaires and Cambridge English Examinations conducted in February 2015 showed that the students’ English ability, motivation, and international posture scored the lowest. This indicated that English classes are the only place to enhance English ability and motivation in the current state of the course, which leads one to conclude that tasks should be tailored to students’ academic levels as well as their motivational levels. Therefore, this study proposes SLA pedagogies in English language corresponding to globalisation with particular focus in developing and stabilising university students’ English ability,motivation and international posture throughout a year.

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