Journal Article Effect of providing traffic information estimated by a stochastic network equilibrium model with stochastic demand

Nakayama, Shoichiro

70pp.238 - 251 , 2016-09-01 , Elsevier
To estimate travel times through road networks, in this study, we assume a stochastic demand and formulate a stochastic network equilibrium model whose travel times, flows, and demands are stochastic. This model enables us to examine network reliability under stochastic circumstances and to evaluate the effect of providing traffic information on travel times. For traffic information, we focus on travel time information and propose methods to evaluate the effect of providing that information. To examine the feasibility and validity of the proposed model and methods, we apply them to a simple network and the real road network of Kanazawa, Japan. The results indicate that providing ambulance drivers in Kanazawa with travel time information leads to an average reduction in travel time of approximately three minutes. © 2016.
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