Journal Article Research on Smart Community Planning of Yishanwan, China towards New Urbanization

Dang, Anrong  ,  Gongli, Li  ,  Juan, Li  ,  Xianjuan, Kong

Under the guidance of the China national development policy of new urbanization, this research explores the approach of how to promote the development of new urbanization through the construction of smart community by taking the community planning of Yishanwan, Jiangxia District, Wuhan as an example. Based on the practical experience of the planning and construction of a smart city, a general framework of smart community planning of Yishanwan is put forward in this paper. The framework consists of five-layer components, which are the base layer, sharing layer, application layer, service layer and portal layer. An information center and a security system are designed to conduct the integration of the five layers. With the instruction of the framework, it is expected to achieve four targets: the construction of the infrastructure, the establishment of a sharing platform, the research and development of an application system and the development of a service portal. With the achievements implemented, the smart Yishanwan community will be founded.

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