Journal Article Study on a Method of Making a Concentrated Urban Structure Model Based on an Urban Master Plan

Shirou, Tsuboi  ,  Shinji, Ikaruga  ,  Takeshi, Kobayashi

In this study, we created concentrated urban structure models based on the scenarios that demonstrate a compact city. We investigated urban districts, suburban sprawl areas and rural community areas. Moreover, we aimed to show a way to control land use and develop a future urban structure for local cities. The target area is the city of Yamaguchi, a non-area divided city1) and the city of Hofu, an area divided city1). First, using 100 meter mesh data, we analysed urban structures by using district and population distribution. Then, we built future population distribution models from 2010 to 2060 for the target area. Moreover, we produced a “Knowledge Base of Planning Policy” in order to realize a compact city based on each master plan of the target area. Additionally, we set the “Rules of Population Migration” based on it. We created concentration urban structure models that applied the rules to future population distribution models. Lastly, we evaluated the concentrated urban structure models using the population distribution and the distance from urban facilities.

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