Departmental Bulletin Paper 新史料「辰巳上水図」絵図の調査・研究
Studies of the Oldest Colored Picture Scroll of lthe Tatumi-An Irrigation Canal Constructed by the Kaga Clan

板垣, 英治

47pp.85 - 90 , 2016-03-22 , 金沢大学環日本海域環境研究センター = Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology Kanazawa University
The oldest colored picture scroll depiction of the Tatumi irrigation canal was recently discovered. This scroll is estimated to have been made around 1800. The scroll also clearly depicts the Kaga Clan's Tutisimizu gunpowder making factory as well as a three-stage stone wall with sluice gates in the Sai River. The stone wall was constructed soon after the Kanazawa earthquake in 1799. The picture scroll shows all the configurations of the Tatumi irrigation canal at the beginning of the 19th century.

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