Departmental Bulletin Paper 地方都市中心部における買物環境をめぐる課題: 石川県金沢市長土塀地区の事例
Problems Related to Shopping Environments in the Center of a Local City: A Case Study of N agatohe District, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

島, 英浩  ,  吉田, 国光

47pp.71 - 84 , 2016-03-22 , 金沢大学環日本海域環境研究センター = Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology Kanazawa University
This paper aims to clarify the problems involved in the procurement of perishable goods under changing commercial structures in the central district of a local city. The subject of analysis is the shopping behavior of local residents with regards to the purchase of fresh food. In particular, the analysis will focus on the differences in modes of transportation by shoppers and the items involved (for example, meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits). This study area is the Nagatohe district of Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture. As a result, the research found that if the mode of transport when shopping for fresh food is walking, then most residents are in danger of becoming so-called "shopping refugees" in the Nagatohe District. This refers to people who are cut off from access to shopping districts due to poor transportation infrastructure and limited access to shops by groups such as the elderly and people who live in rural areas. In addition, an added concern is that residents who use other means of transport, for example a car, bicycle, and community bus, might also face this issue in the future.

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