Journal Article A Design for the 178-MHz WXGA 30-fps Optical Flow Processor Based on the HOE Algorithm

Matsumura, Tetsuya  ,  Kurokawa, Aoi  ,  Imamura, Kousuke  ,  Matsuda, Yoshio

We propose an optical flow processor, which allows real-Time processing of WXGA 30-fps at 178.3 MHz. By introducing the SOR method and a pipeline operation for the Gauss-Seidel method to the iterative flow calculation, computational complexity can be reduced to 14.5% when compared to the previous HOE processor. We decreased the area of the embedded memory by using the image division method, applying line memory, and optimizing the computation word length. The core size of the designed processor is 16.82 mm2 in 90 nm process technology, which is approximately 5% of the previous HOE processor. The processor can operate completely in parallel, which ensures high-resolution scalability. © 2015 IEEE.

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