Journal Article Development of a small wireless device for perspiration monitoring

Ogai, Kazuhiro  ,  Fukuoka, Masakazu  ,  Kitamura, Kei-ichiro  ,  Uchide, Kiyoshi  ,  Nemoto, Tetsu

38 ( 4 )  , pp.391 - 397 , 2016-04-01 , Elsevier
A small and wireless device that can capture the temporal pattern of perspiration by a novel structure of water vapor collection combined with reusable desiccant has been developed. The novel device consists of a small cylindrical case with a temperature/relative humidity sensor, battery-driven data logger, and silica gel (desiccant). Water vapor of perspiration was detected by the change in relative humidity and then adsorbed by silica gel, allowing continuous recording of perspiration within a closed and wireless chamber, which has not been previously achieved. By comparative experiments using the commercially-available perspiration monitoring device, the developed device could measure perspiration as efficiently as the conventional one, with a normalized cross coefficient of 0.738 with 6 s delay and the interclass correlation coefficient [ICC(2, 1)] of 0.84. These results imply a good agreement between the conventional and developed devices, and thus suggest the applicability of the developed device for perspiration monitoring. © 2015 IPEM.
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