Departmental Bulletin Paper 養護教諭特別別科の学生が行った性教育授業に対する生徒の受け止め方: 高校1年生対象に
Tenth-grade sexuality education evaluated by students of a one-year undergraduate special course for Yogo teachers

河田, 史宝

(41)  , pp.43 - 54 , 2015-10-01 , 金沢大学人間社会学域学校教育学類附属教育実践支援センター = Center for Educational Practice and Support school of Teacher Education, College of Human and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa City, Japan
This study conducted student evaluation of first-year high-school sexuality education conducted by students of a one-year undergraduate special course for lvgo teachers. To first-year high school students who studied sexuality education during 201X and 201Y, an anonymous questionnaire survey was administered. Results show for each year show that students responded favorably to sexuality education. Students who responded positively to to the lesson also responded to lesson evaluation in the affirmative. Nine categories were extracted from the freely written contents. The lesson of the near student of age had thought a student [became a good experience for students and the college student], [which is easy to say because a college student and age are nearly equal], [which can be studied intelligently and happily], [which can give new knowledge and important matters]. Effects of the lesson were the same as those by peer education. Students who responded to sexuality education negatively and slightly negatively were only 4%. Results show that, when performing a lesson, sufficient arrangements must be made with a class teacher. Consideration must be given to the conduct of the lesson.

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