Departmental Bulletin Paper 産後1ヶ月の母親の「母乳育児の理由」と「母乳育児の意思」との関連: テキストマイニングを用いた分析
Relevance of Reason for Breastfeeding to Breastfeeding Intention in Mothers One Month after Childbirth: Analysis using Text Mining

嶋, 雅代  ,  上澤, 悦子

39 ( 2 )  , pp.125 - 133 , 2016-01-27 , 金沢大学つるま保健学会 = Tsuruma Health Science Society, Kanazawa University
“Reasons for breastfeeding” influence “breastfeeding intention” with regard to its continuation or cessation. This study was performed to analyze the relevance of reasons for breastfeeding to breastfeeding intention with the purpose of assessing support for continuation of breastfeeding. Based on the results of an anonymous self-administered questionnaire survey among breastfeeding mothers at one month postpartum, 13 items of positive emotional reasons reflecting “desire to breastfeed” and 14 items of negative emotional reasons reflecting “lack of desire to breastfeed” were extracted. In comparison with the group of mothers that used supplementation, the group of mothers with exclusive breastfeeding had reasons for breastfeeding intention related to attachment and emotion toward their infants. On the other hand, it was suggested that, although they understood the general advantages of breastfeeding, the supplementation group failed to find pleasure in breastfeeding due to a lack of emotional flexibility during the practice of breastfeeding.

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