Departmental Bulletin Paper 退院後の周産期のグリーフケアと地域連携システムモデルの試案
Post-discharge perinatal grief care and tentative design of a regional cooperation system

米田, 昌代  ,  吉田, 和枝  ,  曽山, 小織  ,  島田, 啓子

39 ( 2 )  , pp.103 - 112 , 2016-01-27 , 金沢大学つるま保健学会 = Tsuruma Health Science Society, Kanazawa University
Women that have lost a child during the perinatal period are more likely to continue suffering from deep loneliness and grief after discharge. Here, a survey was performed among perinatal medical centers, health centers, municipal centers, and self-help groups throughout Japan to clarify the current state and issues regarding post-discharge grief care and regional cooperation, and to design a tentative regional cooperation system model for perinatal grief care. A total of 475 facilities provided effective responses to our self-completed questionnaire. These data were subjected to descriptive and qualitative content analyses, which revealed that sufficient grief care was not provided for post-discharge women and their families. In addition, a tentative regional cooperation model was designed based on the current state and issues regarding regional cooperation. This cooperation model included “assignment of those in charge of post-discharge grief care in medical centers”,“development of a system to report pediatric deaths from medical centers to administrative bodies”,“assignment of clinical psychologists within medical centers or dispatch of such psychologists from administrative bodies to medical centers”,“support groups led mainly by medical centers and administrative bodies”,“cooperation with psychology professionals”,“specialistsʼ participation in and support for self-help groups”,“administrative bodiesʼ financial support and consulting services for self-help groups”,“opportunities provided by relevant organizations to learn about grief care and to discuss difficult cases”, and “information management by administrative bodies”. It is necessary to determine whether our tentative model is useful in the community.

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