Thesis or Dissertation Improvement of stability and speed in liquid-environment atomic force microscopy

アクラミ, セイド モハマド レッツァ  ,  Akrami, Seyed, Mohammad, Reza

博士論文本文 以下に掲載:1.Review of Scientific Instruments 85(12) pp.126106-126106-3 2014. American Institute of Physics. 共著者:S M R Akrami, K. Miyata, H. Asakawa, T. Fukuma 2.Nanotechnology 25(45) pp.455701-1-455701-8 2014. Institute of Physics. 共著者:S M R Akrami, H. Nakayachi, T. Watanabe-nakayama, H. Asakawa, T. Fukuma 3.Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 2015. Institute of Physics. 共著者:K. Miyata, K. Miyata, S M R Akrami, T. Fukuma

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