Journal Article Maximum energy output of a DFIG wind turbine using an improved MPPT-curve method

Phan, Dinh-Chung  ,  Yamamoto, Shigeru

8 ( 10 )  , pp.11718 - 11736 , 2015-10-01 , MDPI AG
A new method is proposed for obtaining the maximum power output of a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine to control the rotor- and grid-side converters. The efficiency of maximum power point tracking that is obtained by the proposed method is theoretically guaranteed under assumptions that represent physical conditions. Several control parameters may be adjusted to ensure the quality of control performance. In particular, a DFIG state-space model and a control technique based on the Lyapunov function are adopted to derive the control method. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified via numerical simulations of a 1.5-MW DFIG wind turbine using MATLAB/Simulink. The simulation results show that when the proposed method is used, the wind turbine is capable of properly tracking the optimal operation point; furthermore, the generator's available energy output is higher when the proposed method is used than it is when the conventional method is used instead. © 2015 by the authors.

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