Thesis or Dissertation Density-functional theory based calculations of spin-orbit interaction in ZnO

モハマド, アドヒブ ウリル アブソル  ,  Moh, Adhib Ulil Absor

博士論文要旨Abstract 以下に掲載:Applied Physics Express Paper 1: Vol. 7(5) pp.053002-1-053002-4 2014. Institute of Physics (IOP) publishing. 共著者:Moh Adhib Ulil Absor, Hiroki Kotaka, Fumiyuki Ishii, Mineo Saito Paper 2: Vol. 8(2) pp.073006-1-073006-3 2015. Institute of Physics (IOP) publishing. 共著者:Moh. Adhib Ulil Absor, Fumiyuki Ishii, Hiroki Kotaka, Mineo Saito

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