Departmental Bulletin Paper 浪花踊に関する史料調査 : 佐藤家伝来の浪花踊番付(第十六回~第廿三回)
Survey of Materials for Naniwa odori (浪花踊): Satos' Naniwa odori Banzuke (番付) from the Sixteen Performance to the Twenty-third Performance

笠井, 津加佐  ,  佐藤, 恵

(30)  , pp.227 - 249 , 2015-09-28 , 金沢大学大学院人間社会環境研究科 = Graduate School of Human and Socio-Enviromental Studies Kanazawa University
The aim of this paper is to introduce Banzuke ( 番付 ) materials belonging to the Sato family that relate to Naniwa odori ( 浪花踊 ) . These materials are sourced from the sixteenth up to the twenty-third performance (the final performance before WW II). We have attempted to summarize the features of Naniwa odori, by inserting a table at the end of this paper that includes descriptions of the poets, composers, choreographers, and set designers involved in each performance. In this paper, we suggest that the transfiguration of Naniwa odori was significantly affected by Hanayagibuyokenkyukai ( 花柳舞踊研究会 ). Evidence of this can be found in Ryo Tanaka's writings, which include names of those who participated in Naniwa odori, such as, Shiko Okamura ( 岡村柿紅 ), Jusuke Hanayagi II (二代目花柳壽輔), and Ryo Tanaka (田中良). As we do not have sufficient evidence relating to the music used in the performances, further investigations must be conducted into this aspect.

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