Departmental Bulletin Paper 高齢者向け施設・住宅の集積の地域差
A Study on the Geographic Concentration of Facilities for the Elderly

蘇, 雁揚

(30)  , pp.213 - 225 , 2015-09-28 , 金沢大学大学院人間社会環境研究科 = Graduate School of Human and Socio-Enviromental Studies Kanazawa University
This paper aims to understand the geographic concentration and the structure of the system of facilities for the elderly. I used the location quotient and other statistical methods to analyze four types of facilities for the elderly, namely, special nursing homes for the elderly, homes for the elderly with moderate fees, private residential homes, and elderly housing with support services. Three main findings were revealed. First, among the facilities offered for the elderly, the inequality in the supply between prefectures was the highest for private residential homes. Second, the structure of the system of facilities for the elderly varied between prefectures. Third, the significant correlation between these facilities indicated that they were not independent in location. This finding suggests that there should be a relationship of competition or complementarity between the locations of these services. Two issues are yet to be clarified with reference to the geographic concentration of facilities for the elderly: tighter verification of this kind of competition or complementarity between these facilities, and the cause for this kind of geographic concentration of services.

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