Departmental Bulletin Paper 「兼好法師集」65・66番歌と「従二位公世卿状」について
A Consideration of the Nos. 65 and 66 of Kenko' s Waka Collection and "Junii Kinyokyo Jo".

上島, 眞智子

(30)  , pp.155 - 169 , 2015-09-28 , 金沢大学大学院人間社会環境研究科 = Graduate School of Human and Socio-Enviromental Studies Kanazawa University
Chapter 45 of Tsurezuregusa contains an anecdote about K.inyo' s elder brother Ryogaku but does not contain any information about K.inyo. This indicates that K.inyo was better known than Ryogaku. In the Kenko Hoshi Collection, Kenko came across Kinyo' s waka on the pillar of Ryozenin during his religious training in Hieizan and wrote his waka to K.inyo, who had already passed away. Acknowledging that K.inyo was an authentic Sou successor, Fushiminomiya Kyuzougakusho Shusei Volume 1 deplored the plight of the endangered succession to a classic Sou group. It is certain that this official paper was completed when he was 52 or so. In this record, both "Zennaifu" and "Zennaidaijin" were identical, Kazanin Morotsugu, and Joshin happened after the death of Kazanin. This study investigates the conventional theory and hypothesizes that "zennaifu" is Morotsugu and "Zennaidaijin" is Oinomikado Fuyutada. Further, by separating the times of the deaths of "Zennaidaijin" and Joshin, this paper proposes a new theory that Joshin might have happened after Morotsugu was demoted, not when he died. This theory ensures consistency with the timing of K.inyo' s bestowal with the fust official title, as shown in Kugyoubunin. The confirmation of Joshin time also confirms the outline of K.inyo' s life, such as his birth year and the age at which he produced the waka in Ryozenin. Touinke and Kenko had a long-lasting relationship from the period when he was a court official to when he was in the Nijo group. It is believed that as he was well versed in court music, Kenko must have known Kinyo and "Kinyokyo jo" very well when he was in Yokawa. It can be extrapolated that behind Chapter 45 of Tsurezuregusa where Ryogaku was described as the elder brother of K.inyo, were "Kinyo kyojo" and Kenko' s experiences in Yokawa.

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