Departmental Bulletin Paper 広東東部閩南語における声調 : 単音節声調と速読変調(Tone sandhi)の概観
Tones in South-Min Dialects of Eastern Guangdong : An Overview of Monosyllabic Tone and Tone sandhi

黄, 綺燁

(30)  , pp.1 - 9 , 2015-09-28 , 金沢大学大学院人間社会環境研究科 = Graduate School of Human and Socio-Enviromental Studies Kanazawa University
The South-Min Dialect is an influential Chinese dialect that is mainly spoken in China's Fujian Province and in Taiwan. It is also found in Chaozhou and the Shantou region of eastern Guangdong (this version of the dialect is hereafter referred to as the "Chaoshan dialect"). It is well known that tone sandhi phenomena are rich in South-Min Dialects, but the Chaoshan dialect has its own characteristics, which are different from those of other South-Min Dialects and are geographically diversified. Previous dialect research in this region has been insufficient. To rectify this issue, this paper presents the results of a dialect survey that I carried out last year. The paper describes and typologizes monosyllabic tones and tones of disyllabic words, and considers the relationship between tone categories and tone values.

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