Journal Article デバイリングのフーリエ解析による鉄鋼材料のX線応力測定
X-ray Stress Measurement of Ferritic Steel Using Fourier Analysis of Debye-Scherrer Ring

藤本, 洋平  ,  宮崎, 利行  ,  佐々木, 敏彦

64 ( 7 )  , pp.567 - 572 , 2015-07-20 , 日本材料学会 = The Society of Materials Science, Japan
In this study, X-ray stress measurements of ferritic steel based on Fourier analysis are conducted. Taira et al. developed the cosα method for X-ray stress measurements using a two-dimensional X-ray detector. Miyazaki et al. reported that the cosα method can be described more concisely by developing the Fourier series (the Fourier analysis method). The Fourier analysis method is expected to yield the stress measurement with an imperfect Debye-Scherrer ring and there is a possibility that the materials evaluation is different compared with the conventional method, that is, the sin2ψ method. In the Fourier analysis method, the strain measured by X-rays is developed as a Fourier series, and all the plane-stress components can be calculated from the Fourier series. In this study, the normal stress calculation was confirmed. In addition, the Fourier-analysis and cosα methods were used for X-ray stress measurements during a four-point bending test on a S45C test piece, and the effectiveness of the Fourier analysis method was confirmed. It was found that the experimental results from the Fourier analysis and cosα methods were nearly identical. In addition, the measurement accuracies of both the methods were equivalent.

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