Journal Article Persistent spin helix on a wurtzite ZnO(10¯10) surface: First-principles density-functional study

Absor, Moh Adhib Ulil  ,  Ishii, Fumiyuki  ,  Kotaka, Hiroki  ,  Saito , Mineo

8 ( 7 )  , p.73006 , 2015-06-22 , Japan Society of Applied Physics = 応用物理学会
The persistent spin helix (PSH) that has been widely and exclusively studied in zinc-blende structures is revealed for the first time on the surface of a wurtzite structure. Through first principles calculations of the surface of ZnO(101¯0), a quasi-one-dimensional orientation of the spin textures is identified. Furthermore, the wavelength of this particular PSH is smaller than that observed in various zinc-blende quantum well structures, thus indicating that wurtzite-structured surfaces are suitable for spintronics applications. © 2015 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.

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