Journal Article On relations of the consciousness of garbage truck drivers and their experiences of unsafe driving behaviors

Ando, Ryosuke  ,  Mimura, Yasuhiro

In 2011, the authors published an analytical paper in order to understand the driving behaviors of garbage trucks on the basis of the data collected by drive recorders. As further study, this paper focuses on finding significant correlations between driver consciousness and their unsafe driving experiences. The methodology includes many statistical tools such as statistical tests, analyses of variance, factor analysis, the principle component analysis, and so on. The results show that truck drivers have a lower probability of looking aside and of becoming irritated when driving the garbage trucks than private car drivers. They feel it is more difficult to drive on community roads in residential areas than on trunk roads. The statistical analyses show there were significant correlations between the drivers' personalities, their consciousness, and the experienced traffic accidents. In particular, the event “near accident with oncoming cars when passing each other is statistically significant with respect to the negation overtaking of the other cars, the awareness of driving on community roads and the convenience of driving the garbage trucks.

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