Journal Article Evacuation Simulation and Evaluation of Different Scenarios based on Traffic Grid Model and High Performance Computing

Miaoyi, Li  ,  Jing, Deng  ,  Lun, Liu  ,  Ying, Long  ,  Zhenjiang, Shen

This paper describes the design and implementation of an evacuation simulation model developed based on the Traffic Grid Model in NetLogo. In this model, different scenarios were tested in order to find out the best strategy within specific environments. The model is flexible and includes many parameters to adjust to environment conditions and agent rules. These parameters can be modified to study which driving factors contribute most to drivers' evacuation performance. This research also focuses on the method of results analysis and traffic performance evaluation for different combinations of two model parameters. In each experiment, we analysed metrics such as evacuation time and average car speed for each strategy under different population distribution patterns. The results showed that this model could reveal an effective evacuation strategy for realistic scenarios.

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