Journal Article A novel resting form of the trinuclear copper center in the double mutant of a multicopper oxidase, CueO, Cys500Ser/Glu506Ala

Kajikawa, Takao  ,  Sugiyama, Ryosuke  ,  Kataoka, Kunishige  ,  Sakurai, Takeshi

149pp.88 - 90 , 2015-08-01 , Elsevier
A multicopper oxidase, CueO was doubly mutated at its type I copper ligand, Cys500 and an acidic amino acid residue located in the proton transfer pathway, Glu506, to Ser and Ala, respectively. Cys500Ser/Glu506Ala was mainly in a novel resting form to afford the absorption band at ca. 400. nm and an EPR signal with a highly anisotropic character derived from type III copper. However, Cys500Ser/Glu506Ala gave the same reaction intermediate (peroxide intermediate) as that from Cys500Ser and Cys500Ser/Glu506Gln. © 2015 Elsevier Inc.
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