Journal Article Effects of Small Addition of Ti on Strength and Microstructure of a Cu-Ni-Si Alloy

Watanabe, Chihiro  ,  Takeshita, Satoshi  ,  Monzen, Ryoichi

The effect of addition of 0.04 or 0.2 mass pct Ti on the mechanical properties of a Cu-2.0 mass pct Ni-0.5 mass pct Si alloy has been investigated. The addition of 0.04 mass pct Ti enhances the strength of the Cu-Ni-Si alloy without reducing its electrical conductivity. This increase in strength is caused by the decrease in inter-precipitate spacing of δ-Ni2Si precipitates. The addition of trace Ti reduces the equilibrium concentration of Ni and Si atoms in the alloy bearing the δ precipitates, resulting in an increase in the volume fraction of δ precipitates and decrease in the inter-precipitate spacing. However, the addition of 0.2 mass pct Ti to the Cu-Ni-Si alloy decreases the strength of the alloy. The reduction in strength is attributed to the decrease in the volume fraction of δ precipitates caused by the reduction in Ni and Si atoms in the Cu matrix resulting from the formation of Ni16Si7Ti6 particles. © 2015 The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International

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