Departmental Bulletin Paper find+that 節構文の認知的分析
A Cognitive Analysis of the find + that - Clause Construction

友澤, 宏隆

54pp.21 - 31 , 2018-03-30 , 一橋大学語学研究室
The semantic difference between the find+that-clause construction and its single-clause counterpart, the find+O+C construction, is often characterized in terms of the notion of proximity/distance. This paper attempts to show a limitation of the iconicity-based approach and offer an alternative analysis of the semantics of the former structure that involves an objectification of the propositional content of the subordinate clause, as well as a metaphorical extension of the object of the action denoted by the main verb. The analysis additionally suggests that the find+that-clause construction exhibits varying degrees of indirectness depending on the nature of the finding described.

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