Technical Report How a laid-off employee becomes an entrepreneur: The case of Nokia’s Bridge program

KANG, Byeongwoo  ,  RANNIKKO, Heikki  ,  TORNIKOSKI, Erno T.

2017-12 , Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
This paper investigates how to support employees to become entrepreneurs. Using original survey data by Nokia, we show two main findings. First, some contents of entrepreneurship were effective commonly to employees with an R&D background and to those with a non-R&D background while other contents were effective to either employees with an R&D background or those with a non-R&D background. The former contents are general knowledge on management, and the later contents are further development of their own specialties. Second, providing a such program to employees had merits to the program provider. Our findings have implications for how a firm to design entrepreneurial programs for employees and to form a business ecosystem around it.

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