Technical Report 経営者の在任期間と目標利益達成を意図した利益調整

石田, 惣平  ,  蜂谷, 豊彦

2017-08 , Graduate School of Commerce and Management Center for Japanese Business Sutdies, Hitotsubashi University
First version: May 2015, This version: August 2017
Focusing on positive and increasing earnings as earnings target, we examine the relation between top executive tenure and earnings management to meet earnings target. The main findings are as follows. The probability that top executives manage earnings to report positive earnings is higher in the early years of their service than in the later years; they prefer real activities manipulation to accrual-based earnings management when using earnings management to report positive earnings. However, top executive tenure and earnings management to report increasing earnings are not significantly correlated. These results suggest that new top executives attempt reporting positive earnings through real activities manipulation because they can lose their external reputation if earnings are negative.

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