Technical Report 交渉研究における認知心理学的アプローチ

佐々木, 秀綱

2017-05 , Management Innovation Research Center, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University
Withdrawn due to publication in 『一橋商学論叢』12-2 (Nov. 2017). [Aug. 2, 2017]
Negotiation studies have so far advanced insight about individual behaviors in negotiation processes. These researches revealed that negotiators judgement and decision-making are influenced by some heuristics and cognitive biases. In this paper, these findings are reviewed and organized so as to present direction for future researches. Specifically, the author focused (a) confirmation heuristics, (b) prospect theory, and (c) fixed-pie error as major source of cognitive distortion of negotiators. It is also discussed that we need further examination about the influence of other major heuristics and biases on negotiator’s behaviors, and strategies for de-biases.

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