Technical Report Adoption of Management Practices in the Public Sector of Bangladesh

Arimoto, Yutaka  ,  Kurata, Masamitsu

2017-01 , Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
Improving public service delivery remains a key issue in the public sector of developing countries. The emerging literature reveals a positive correlation between the adoption of management practices and public service delivery. However, potential factors associated with the adoption of management practices are less known. We collected data concerning awareness of management concepts and the adoption of management practices in over 1,600 subdistrict offices of public departments in Bangladesh. We show that awareness of management concepts (e.g., Plan-Do-Check-Act, Total Quality Management, and Kaizen) is associated with a higher degree of adoption of management practices and more collaboration with stakeholders. The association is particularly sizable for practices related to process management, such as planning, improvement, and standardization. Financial and physical resources are not associated with adoption. The results are consistent with a previous finding in the private sector that lack of knowledge is a key barrier to the implementation of management practices. Offering simple management training about concrete methods and practices may improve the adoption of management practices.

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