Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における陳情制度の改革
The Reform of the Petition System in China

但見, 亮

15 ( 1 )  , pp.35 - 51 , 2016-03-10 , 一橋大学大学院法学研究科
In China, the petition system has been used from ancient times as a link connecting the populace to the centralized ruler, a means of collecting information and evaluating the performance of local officials, and also the last resort for those who haven't obtained redress through the ordinary dispute resolution system. However, it has not only failed to work as expected, but also allowed petitioners to be kicked around, beaten and detained, only to escalate events to a larger and messier stage, and even stirring up huge insurgency. In order to solve those problems, the reform has been proceeding for many years. Although most of the measures are nothing but the reassurance of the current regulations, under the slogan of "Rule by the Law" that is proposed by none other than the general secretary of CCP, the overhaul of the current dispute resolution system is under way, creating the possibility of correlative changes in the petition system.

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