Departmental Bulletin Paper 正社員と非正社員の分水嶺:呼称による雇用管理区分と人的資本蓄積
Defining non-regular employment in Japan

川口, 大司  ,  神林, 龍  ,  原, ひろみ

9 ( 1 )  , pp.147 - 172 , 2015-07-31 , 一橋大学大学院経済学研究科
Four criteria divide regular and non-regular workers: the length of contract period, hours worked, direct or indirect contract, and the way workers are classified at workplaces. We observe an increase of non-regular workers based on the workplace classification. What then substantially defines the worker’s classification? This paper investigates the substance behind the workplace classification, exploiting several sources of micro data, including the Employment Status Survey and the Basic Survey of Human Resources Development. Data scrutiny reveals a strong correlation between the worker’s classification and proxy variables for the worker’s long-term career development planning, such as the frequency of training participation or carefully crafted career-development plans.

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