Departmental Bulletin Paper Comprehending the Sung-Rye-Mun wooden roof structure and BIM implementation of the traditional Bracket-set design modules

Park, Soo-Hoon  ,  Ahn, Eunyoung

5pp.153 - 159 , 2017-03-30 , 岩手大学平泉文化研究センター
In this paper we are concerned about understanding the roof structure of the traditional buildings Sung-Rye-Mun which share compositional commonalities among traditional buildings in the Northeast Asian region and we focus on GongPo components namely the bracket-sets that are the essential part that connects the middle body parts (MomChe) to the top roof parts (JiBung), considered to be the most elaborate parts of traditional buildings. We follow a procedure to implement the design modules to be applied in BIM tools which are platforms for constructing virtual buildings. The main target building is the Sung-Rye-Mun which has special cultural and social meanings nowadays and we tested our understanding and the design modules such as bracket-sets by constructing a virtual building model of Sung- Rye-Mun and by implementing the core knowledge as a tablet PC the form of a GongPo Making game.

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