Departmental Bulletin Paper Positive Influences: Comparison of Educational Systems of Japan and El Salvador

MANCIA, Estela Eugenia Menjivar

(15)  , pp.337 - 345 , 2016-03 , 岩手大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Education in Developing countries are in constant strive to improvement. These countries lack resources to develop its full potential; however it does not mean there is no improvement or solution possible. Usually, these countries receive aid from developed countries. This is the case of El Salvador. El Salvador is a small Central American country in a constant fight to improve. El Salvador and Japan have had a relationship since 1935 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, 2016). One important contribution Japan has made to El Salvador is providing the sector of education with support in different areas, one of these being scholarship for Salvadorian citizens to come to Japan and prepare themselves in order to return home and become a positive influence for everyone else.In honor to this contribution, this project will attempt to provide comparison between the Educational Systems of Japan and El Salvador, not to prove one better than the other one, but to find possible ways in which El Salvador´s Educational System can be positively influenced in order to start a process of improvement.

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