Departmental Bulletin Paper ポブジカ語における文の下位分類
Subclassification of sentences in Phobjikha

西田, 文信  ,  NOSHIDA, Fuminobu

96pp.19 - 36 , 2015-06-01 , 岩手大学人文社会科学部
This paper deals with structural and functional aspects shown by sentences of Phobjikha, a language spoken in southeastern part of Wangdue Phodrang district, the Kingdom of Bhutan. Based on the first-hand data collect by the author, this paper focuses on the classification of verb sentences with respect to speech-act types, the possible types of non-verb sentence and the distribution of copula, as well as the concepts and factors crucial to the descriptions of sentences of the language. 本稿では,ポブジカ語(ཕོབ་སྦྱིས་ཁ)1)を対象言語とし,文という文法単位を形式的・機能的にどのように,どの程度まで特徴づけることができるかを考察することを目的とする。本節では先ずポブジカ語の概況を略述する。

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